Birthday party

Our museum’s educational programme for adults





One-hour guided tours

  • General tour with an overall impression of the museum
  • Brake Castle : architecture and building history
  • The Renaissance in the Weser region: its influence and geographical distribution
  • Art at the Renaissance court
  • Economic history: reasons for the cultural heyday
  • Fashion in the Renaissance
  • Feasts and banqueting culture in the Renaissance
  • On knights and castles: Knighthood in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • Perspective: the secret of the third dimension
  • On dogs, birds and monsters – animals in Brake Castle
  • Christmas in the Renaissance

Size of groups: maximum of 25 people

Duration: about 1 hour

Supervision: a member of the museum educational staff

Price:: 44 Euro plus entrancce fee 2 Euro per person




Exciting themed itineraries

From alchemy to chemistry. In these two themed itineraries you discover more about the aims and achievements of the natural sciences in the Renaissance.

Mirror and self-portrait. The historical meaning of the mirror and the related development of the self-portrait are as much part of this itinerary as discovering how glass balls appear in a mirror in the museum’s own chemistry laboratory. (10-30 participants)

Making gold. Find out more about the meaning of gold, the philosopher’s stone and the alchemists at the royal courts and about how to make a “gold coin” in the museum’s own chemistry laboratory. (10-30 participants)

Fashion in the Renaissance. You not only experience why the gentlemen showed off their “goose belly” and the ladies their “women’s flab” – you can try out the Renaissance clothes you otherwise only admire in the paintings. Photos allowed! (10-20 participants)

Duration: 1½–2 hours

Supervision: 1 to 2 members of museum educational staff

Fee: 10 Euro per person (incl. entrance fee)